Equilibrium Bottle 113 Archangel Cassiel

It’s great to be blogging again, and even better to share with you about a brand new Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle. Bottle 113 was ‘born’ last month, and as always has been created to help support us at this time.

Did You Know…
The new bottle presents an intriguing combination of Emerald Green and Mid-Tone Olive. With such a strong green energy it supports us with all matters of the heart and renewal helping us release heartache, disappointments, or a sense of betrayal from the past.

This process can help us regain a sense of hope for the future – a strong olive theme. To read Aura-Soma’s first thoughts about the bottle click here >>

The Gift of the Olive
By exploring the base fraction energy, in this case the olive, we can bring more of these gifts into our conscious awareness and therefore into action, aiding us in reaching more of our potential in connection to the Emerald Green.

My lasting memory of first exploring the olive energy during my Aura-Soma Level 2 course back in 2008 was it’s energetic resonance with bamboo. Here are a few qualities of Bamboo that may be useful to imbibe at this time, as carried by the olive:

  • Remember: what looks week is strong
  • Bend but don’t break
  • Be deeply rooted yet flexible
  • Slow down your busy mind
  • Be always ready
  • Find wisdom in emptiness
  • Commit yourself to growth and renewal
  • Express usefulness through simplicity
  • Unleash your power to spring back
  • Smile laugh and play

(the above points are taken from and expanded on in the following article:  http://www.presentationzen.com/presentationzen/2011/06/be-like-the-bamboo.html)

Have You Tried…
Get a piece of paper and write out the three aspects above that call to you the most. Beneath each write out seven ways you can bring more of it into your life.

Apply the contents of Bottle 113 on the skin at the level of the solar plexus and heart to powerfully integrate and rebalance these aspects within yourself. To purchase click here >>

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