5 Steps to Better Sleep & Less Stress

You’ve had a really stressful day, and all you want to do is to sleep. But when your head hits the pillow and your eyes close nothing happens…¬† You have this strange sensation of feeling tired, but wired at the same time. It’s like your whole body is in hyper-mode, it feels overstimulated and on over drive, but tired at the same time. Sounds familiar?

Every situation we find stressful through the day leads to a release of cortisol, the stress hormone. When our body’s stress response is triggered often, the body does not always have a chance to return to a normal relaxed state. This is when a state of ‘chronic stress’ can ensue – we become chronically excited. This is when we can feel ‘tired and wired’.

When in a chronically excited state we find it more difficult to sleep, and the sleep we do get is not as rejuvenative. And to make matters worse when we do not have enough sleep this can lead to further increases in cortisol.

Have You Tried…
To get better sleep and to decrease your cortisol levels try the following 5 steps:

  1. Be consistent! Decide what time you want to be asleep by, so you can get a good 7-9 hour sleep, and stick to it. Many of us don’t do ourselves any favours by going to bed late – go to bed earlier and get up earlier, every night.
  2. Take charge of your gadgets. Have an e-mail free and electronic-free zone at least two hours before your bed time. Turn off all your devices, and be a free-spirit, undisturbed by the instant-messaging or angry bird crazes.
  3. De-worry. Get all the thoughts and concerns about tomorrow out of your head and on to paper. Make an action list of what you need to do tomorrow in connection with these. Remove the list from the bedroom, knowing that it will be dealt with in the morning – until then you have nothing to worry about.
  4. Have a Relaxation Ritual. 30 minutes before your sleep time relax body and mind. Dim the lights, listen to your favourite relaxing music, light some candles, enjoy a warm bath, de-stress your aura with essential oils. Find out what works for you – make sure it’s something that you really love.
  5. Create a Sleep Haven. What can you do to ensure that you are a comfortable temperature during the night? Is the room in darkness? Are you undisturbed by noises? Put some time aside over the next week to make your bedroom more sleep friendly.

Enhance the Experience
A couple of sprays of an Aura-Soma Air-Conditioner spray in your bedroom each night can help transform your bedroom into a sleeper’s paradise! Containing essential oils, herbal extracts, crystal and gem energies they are perfect for helping release the stresses of the day. For more info click here

What tips do you find most useful for getting a good nights sleep? I’d love to hear from you – Leave a comment below.

Want a Personal De-Stress Treatment Plan?
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