B0 Spiritual Rescue (50ml)

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B0 Royal Blue/Deep Magenta

Spiritual Rescue

Main Theme: The potential for far reaching vision, that inspires great undertakings. A strong sense of purpose, and commitment.

Dominant Characteristics: Emotionally balanced. A person who puts caring in every situation and nurtures this situation at the same time. These people often search for the truth, especially with regard to spiritual matters. Often very sensitive to the energetic and emotional states and needs of people around them. People choosing this bottle in the first position can be sensitive and intuitive.

Possible Challenge Aspects: A tendency if not careful, to be occupied excessively with spiritual matters, and therefore be of little "earthly good". There can also be a tendency toward foolishness, self-deception, and a lack of restraint. There is often a lack of self-love and a need to be loved - "the wounded carer".

Spiritual Level: Stimulates inspiration. May be useful in bringing clarity to issues of the spirit. It may help to bring understanding about the nature of our situation.

Mental Level: This bottle offers us the possibility to gain in confidence and self-worth so we can be supported on our path.

Emotional Level: As we learn to trust in a higher order, so this bottle may support our process bringing peace to the emotions.

Apply the contents of this bottle along the entire hairline, around the ears. In acute cases, it can be applied everywhere on the body.