B102 Archangel Samael (50ml)

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B102 Deep Olive/Deep Magenta
Archangel Samael

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Keynote: O-live, where we find a new beginning in relation to the hope within ourselves. Upon what do we build the foundations of our lives?

Dominant Characteristics: Someone who is in the process of seeing clearly where their false values lie and how these need to be addressed. The possibility of a new hope in relation to a change of being. The falling away that something new may be born.

Possible Challenge Aspects: May be a need to re-evaluate all beliefs and ideals again in the light of new understanding, not to judge but to allow things to be as they are. Fears which have validity suddenly come to the surface. A deepening anxiety becomes to be overwhelming. With Archngel Samael there is a possibility that these fears could be resolved, with a new joy coming about.

Apply the contents of this bottle between the bottom of the sternum and the upper abdomen as well as the lower part of the chest in a complete band around the body.

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