B106 Archangel Ratziel (50ml)

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B106 Pale Olive/Lilac
Archangel Ratziel

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Keynote: Reciprocal maintenance and the inner alchemy of the heart.

Dominant Characteristics: This bottle helps us to let go. It is helpful in building the transformative energy toward alchemical change. It helps in removing or transmuting imbalances that obscure our innate wisdom. The experience of a new sense of optimism and a renewed sense of purpose in one’s life.

Possible Challenge Aspects: There could be a tendency to think too much, to ponder or mull over the bitterness of past experiences, not being able to let go of disappointments or what has stood in our way. We have a sense that nothing wants to chage, a feeling of being stuck in cyclical patterns of thought which keep repeating or creating situations of betrayal because they hold a particularly strong sense of identity.

Apply the contents of the bottle below the rib cage in a complete band around the body (over the golden area) or around the temples or both.

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