B110 Archangel Ambriel (50ml)

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B110 Pale Rose Pink/Deep Magenta
Archangel Ambriel

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Keynote: Compassion in all that we do brings harmony into our being.

Dominant Characteristics: Self-acceptance allows us to find love, care and warmth hidden deep within ourselves. The essence of truth within ourselves may be discovered through compassion, caring, affection and love. Letting go into warmth, caring and loving inspires us to find a deeper level of relaxation. In finding our gifts we become more whole and able to share our unique qualities with others.

Possible Challenge Aspects:Being absorbed by doubt may prevent us from contemplating the path before us. Realising that being judgemental with ourselves and others creates a sense of worthlessness rather than a sense of worth. May suggest a need to overcome negativity by using our intuition.

Apply the contents of the bottle anywhere on the body.

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