B111 Archangel Daniel (50ml)

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B111 Mid-tone Royal Blue/Mid-tone Olive
Archangel Daniel

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Keynote: To restore balance between inner and outer relationships.

Dominant Characteristics: To be able to bring clarity into situations regarding the way in which we relate; this may enable us to discover hidden manipulations. Enables clarity of speech and communication to flow easily even in difficult situations.

Possible Challenge Aspects: We may need to learn that letting go of anxieties allows the breath to come and go more easily. Individuals that select this bottle may have a propensity to not breathe deeply enough for the body to feel rejuvenated. Confusion in regards to our true identity maight hinder the discovery of fear and anxiety locked deep within ourselves. When experiencing difficult situations look for the peace within.

Apply the contents of the bottle in a band encircling the body around the chest, heart and throat areas.

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