B62 Maha Chohan (50ml)

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B62 Pale Turquoise/Pale Turquoise
Maha Chohan

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Dominant Characteristics: A very inspired and intuitive person who can express creatively that which concerns the heart (through speaking, dance, singing, writing, etc.). Is modest and humble, loves people, and knows themselves fairly well. Follows own path and inner guidance, often recognising this as intuitive. Has often an interest in minerals, especially quartz. Is very much in contact with the subconscious. Possesses talents for speaking and for work with computers, as well as for working in the mass media.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Tendency to punish and condemn the self for all kinds of reasons. Is afraid to express feelings which can lead to all kinds of complaints. A tendency to hold onto old heartbreaks. Might have difficulties with modern tools - for example, with computers, cellphones etc.

Spiritual Level: Helps one to get an overview, from where one can see more clearly. Brings freedom and the possibility of releasing old patterns. Facilitates communication with inner and outer space. Inspires humility, and trust in the "flow". Helps us let go of unconscious pressure.

Mental Level: Can help to release creative blockages. A release from confusions in the mind.

Emotional Level: Helps a broken heart and aids in processing the past. This substance is beneficial to people who have loved someone who was not good for them, and helps them to come to terms with the resulting pain. Can reduce feelings of isolation.

Apply the contents of this bottle on the chest area and around the throat and neck.