B63 Djwal Khul and Hilarion (50ml)

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B63 Emerald Green/Pale Green
Djwal Khul and Hilarion

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Keynote: A truth when we give ourselves the space to be able to see ourselves as we are

Dominant Characteristics: A very open person who has the courage to speak the truth. Is always in the right place at the right time. Is ready for any situation. Can be a good referee, who is in tune with other people? needs. A person who has understood the purpose of life. Can be selfless and understands the worries of others. Has great perseverance. Possibly possesses the ability to make new discoveries.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Indulges in negativity and may have difficulty seeing the positive side of things. Lacks joy and peace and space. A need for perfection can hinder this person? success. They may dwell on narrow and negative belief systems. This kind of behavior is in the way, especially when he/she wants to see the truth.

Spiritual Level: Brings about a sense of peace and a feeling of renewal. Can help to establish a connection with the real purpose of life, as well as one's own true ideals.

Mental Level: Encourages the release of tensions having to do with space. May help to balance people who tend to give too much.

Emotional Level: Opens up to deep joy. A sense of freedom coming from the heart.

Apply the contents of this bottle around the chest area.