B74 Triumph (50ml)

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B74 Pale Yellow/Pale Green

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Keynote: An intense test; to be able to find discernment toward a deeper balance

Dominant Characteristics: Can be a happy, cheerful, kind person who is concerned about harmony and balance, as well as about finding the meaning of life. Speaks the truth even if this could get him/her into trouble. Has no prejudices and, therefore, gives a lot of warmth to other people. Believes love to be the elixir of life. Is connected and in harmony with personal feelings.

Possible Challenge Aspects: A person with a great need of attention and recognition. Finds the emotional side of life disappointing. Feels his/her shortcomings acutely. May not want to share time or experiences with other people. Cannot express feelings. A tendency to judge and condemn others.

Spiritual Level: Connects the user with their deepest knowledge and with what is true for him/her. Helps truly recognize the self. As such, this person comes to know what can be done regarding progression on the spiritual path in a practical way. Promotes spiritual generosity - for example, helps understand that there are many different ways that lead to God.

Mental Level: Stimulates increased self-understanding and a reduction of self-criticism, but nevertheless, allows the user to see what needs to be changed. Helps to be more discriminating.

Emotional Level: Can clear patterns on this level from the past. Shines a light on them so that they can be worked on. Assists in overcoming disappointment, as well as anticipation irritations, especially in matters of the heart.

Apply the contents of this bottle on the heart and solar plexus area.