B80 Artemis (50ml)

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B80 Red/Pink

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Keynote: The energy to love and let go, to get in touch with love again. The love becomes more unconditional. The potential to awaken to the power of love.

Dominant Characteristics: Often a very energetic person with a lot of energy, power, strength, and courage.The potential to handle the material side of life very well. Is awakened very quickly to spiritual implications of situations. Can share love and warmth with others. Is creative, reliable and responsible. Can bring his/her vision to earth and realize it.

Possible Challenge Aspects: The material side dominates all areas in life. Carries around a lot of suppressed emotions, also love can be repressed. May face difficulties with survival issues. Trusts neither life nor other people nor him/herself. Believes that there is not enough love and is angry about it.

Spiritual Level: May open the user to love which then shines a light on difficult facts in his/her own life. Can bring about a change in the attitude that is behind a lack of self-love and compassion.

Mental Level: Supports the individual in coping with survival issues in connection with a letting go of agressive feelings.

Emotional Level: Releases feelings of disconnection. Can bring back self-love and release tension.

Apply the contents of this bottle on the abdominal area.