B94 The Archangel Michael (50ml)

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B94 Pale Blue/Pale Yellow
Archangel Michael

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Keynote: The Higher Will meets the little Will. An intense truth is revealed in relation to the evolution of consciousness.

Dominant Characteristics: This individual aligns the little will with the higher will. They are open to what is being asked of them from a higher perspective. This person trusts in the process of life and looks for the good in all situations. The ability to rise above judgements and attachments. The capacity of allowing the self and others the space, time and understanding to live in personal integrity and light.

Possible Challenge Aspects: May experience a fear of authority, through not allowing the peace to be released from the confusion. The need to balance the emotions; there may be a need to let go of jealousy and envy, and of wanting to be where someone else is, or wanting what someone else has.. To let go of confusion and to find peace.

Spiritual Level: By aligning to the higher will a sense of "the way, the truth and the light" unfolds. The connection between the angelic realm and the hue-man realm.

Mental Level: To trust that Thy will - will be done. To be able to move away from the pure logic (the yellow) and bring the self into the state of grace (the blue). Understanding and joy on the journey within.

Emotional Level: The ability to let go of the lower level emotions that cause resistance in favour of the higher levels of emotion. To simply trust that the universe is working for the highest good of all Life, which includes hue-mans.

Apply the contents of this bottle around the heart and navel areas and the throat.

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