B95 Archangel Gabriel (50ml)

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B95 Magenta/Gold
The Archangel Gabriel

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Keynote: The messenger from the stars so that we may get in touch with our true purpose.

Dominant Characteristics: Someone who has Divine love and the inner wisdom to understand the meaning of such love; who puts the love into the little things. All actions are performed with care and warmth. A person who is undergoing a great change in their life; a new beginning combination. Wisdom (gold) is the bridge that allows us to connect with Divine Love (magenta).

Possible Challenge Aspects:   May be suffering from deep fears or confusion. A need to be true to oneself and not fall into old patterns. Not being able to care for others because this person does not fully care for the self - the magenta energy. May not be living to their fullest integrity.

Spiritual Level: The awakening of the soul. A message of hope.

Mental Level: To learn to receive and a preparation for change.

Emotional Level: Supports when the changes all around generate huge irritation. Helps us to untangle and release frozen emotions in bringing an internal balance in the process of learning to live with the instability of change. Not suppressing or denying emotions but truly putting our negative states to rest - true stability.

Apply the contents of this bottle around the body directly below the navel, and also apply one drop on the top of the head.

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