B96 Archangel Raphael (50ml)

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B96 Royal Blue/Royal Blue
The Archangel Raphael

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Keynote: To bring the creative possibility of conception into form. Clarity in relation to the higher energetic of being. The Higher mind functions and nurturing

Dominant Characteristics: Someone who has found deep peace which they then give to others . A person who can keep focused and not be distracted by comments of others. Has found clarity in seeing, hearing and feeling. Trust yourself. As you become more detached inner peace develops. This person is aware of how their dream will manifest for the highest good of all.

Possible Challenge Aspects: A need for discipline, and a letting go of anger, frustration and resentment so that it does not hold you back. May resistĀ  going inside and listening to the voice of their higher self. A lack of trust in the inner wisdom and a lack of understanding of universal laws and principles. A person who might refuse to evolve or even admit that any change is taking place.

Spiritual Level: The red energy within the royal blue shows the potential for awakening within ourselves. The discipline necessary to overcome the self-consciousness in communication and to open up to the possibility of what that awakening experience may bring. It reveals the blueprint for the evolvement from the physical to the spiritual realm. The possibility of seeing clearly what lies ahead.

Mental Level: A strong desire to confront survival and security issues. It has to be done in the context of replacing these issues with a peace that passeth all understanding. Security issues and survival issues help to create an immense balance between what is now and what will be required of us.

Emotional Level: The possibility to become a receptive vehicle, for that which is poured in from above to communicate with the inner-most Being.

Apply the contents of this bottle along the hairline, on the brow and on the feet.

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