B97 Archangel Uriel (50ml)

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B97 Gold/Royal Blue
The Archangel Uriel

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Keynote: Clarity in relation to the true purpose of the self. A deeper understanding of the self

The potential to be in contact with your feelingsA person that has deep peace within which is beginning to come to the surface. Someone who has a heart of gold. Someone who has found enthusiasm for life and is in touch with the centre.

Dominant Characteristics: To realize our potential, the refinement of the gold within. The potential to be connected with our feelings ; the feelings you have for others and the communication of these. A person with deep peace within which is beginning to come to the surface.

Possible Challenge Aspects: This person could be blocking the flow of wisdom from the unconscious. May be unable to get in touch with the feeling aspect of the self. Someone who needs to remain humble. Deep anxieties need to be let go of so as to connect with the inspirational qualities that are being fed in from above.

Spiritual Level: The golden light shines in from above. The ancient wisdom dawns in the conscious mind. The potential for awakening that lies within as the deep mysteries begin to unfold in the context of the ancient wisdom.

Mental Level: The possibility to see clearly into our inner-most depths. Receiving a communication from above and being able to unfold that with coherent wisdom.

Emotional Level: A relationship with the whole of the feeling aspect within ourselves and the way in which those feelings are to express themselves. This combination shakes together as the deepest emerald green; the feeling aspect.

Apply the contents of this bottle along the hairline, on the brow and temples and around the heart and solar plexus.

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