B98 The Archangel Sandalphon (50ml)

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B98 Lilac/Pale coral
The Archangel Sandalphon

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Keynote: Transmutation of negativity on all levels. A four-way energy connection: above and below, to the left and to the right. The inner child within ourselves becomes the angel that we are.

Dominant Characteristics: The Archangel Sandalphon brings the transmutation of negativity at a conscious level. A new level of co-operation from within the depth of ourselves. A person with joy and insight who is helping others to go though the process of transmutation. Often a catalyst.

Possible Challenge Aspects: May need to deal with the issues of abuse they may have suffered in the past. Allowing healing of unrequited love can bring a deep sense of self-love. The wisdom to love the self unconditionally.

Spiritual Level: Supports the process of change. Transmutation and unconditional love. An important secret is revealed through this bottle.

Mental Level: Transmutation of negative patterns at a conscious level, brings peace.

Emotional Level: The deepest levels of joy can come through from within. Unconditional love in the transmutation process is the gift of Sandalphon. Contained in this bottle is the balancing of intense issues to do with unrequited love.

Apply the contents of this bottle around the lower abdomen and on the top of the head.

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