B99 Archangel Tzadkiel (50ml)

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B99 Pale Olive Green/Pink
The Archangel Tzadkiel/Cosmic Rabbits

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Keynote: A new opening to the love of self is a step toward our purpose in the world

Dominant Characteristics: A new light is being shone on the feminine leadership of the heart. Is optimistic and loving and concerned with creating a better world. Allows the feminine in the self to be supported by unconditional love and unconditional self acceptance. A sense of hope for the future gives strength to the intuition. The possibility for more joy, love and peace.

Possible Challenge Aspects: Difficulties in seeing the love that lies within the self, therefore being constantly frustrated and wasting one's own energies. Anger, frustration and resentment may be holding one back.

Spiritual Level: May be helpful in helping us get in touch with who we really are; to access our true mission and purpose.

Mental Level: The possibility of letting go of deep layers of confusion at a conscious level.

Emotional Level: Self love and acceptance within helps is express our true feelings and follow our own path.

Apply the contents of this bottle just above the solar plexus in a band around the body, around the pelvic girdle, and over the base of the spine.

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