6 Top-Tips for a Happier Holiday with Aura-Soma

With holiday season kicking off there’s plenty to look forward to. Trips away from home can bring their own challenges however. The Aura-Soma products are here to help in their own effortless way…

Arrive in One Piece

The Orion and Angelica Quintessence is recommended to help reduce the effects of jet lag, by helping your subtle bodies stay aligned as you travel. When flying, apply over every time zone.

Orion and Angelica_Holiday_4_picture
Keep Your Cool

To help keep your cool on hot and sweaty holiday journeys use the pale blue El Morya Quintessence. Beautifully calming and relaxing – perfect for making the most of your holiday chill time too!

Feel at Home

Help dispel the energies left by the previous inhabitants by spraying the Olive Green Air Conditioner in the room you’re staying in; create a new fresh energetic space for you to feel at home in.

Olive Green Air Conditioner_Holiday_4_picture
Nourish your essence

Taking your favourite Equilbirium Bottle on your travels can help you stay connected to your true essence; express your true colours and make the most of your holiday.

Relish Your Relationships

Holidays give us the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends. Use the Etheric Pocket Rescue to help transform difficulties in relationships to insight and joy.

Easing you Back

To help ground your holiday experience, use the Deep Magenta Pomander. This can help you remember the golden moments, and nourish your soul as you return to your daily routine.


I’d love to hear your experiences and recommendations for using the Aura-Soma products while travelling. Leave a comment below.

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