Aura-Soma Consultations

An Aura-Soma consultation is a breath-taking and unique experience, that is often deeply touching and transformative. With the full set of 50ml Equilibrium Bottles infront of you, and are invited to discover the four bottles that call to you the most. With these four infront of you, I help you to explore why you have been drawn to these bottles, and how they can support you.

‘You are the colour’s use choose, and these reflect your being’s needs.’

Each bottle reflects qualities within yourself; very natural gifts and talents, and holds the energetic key to help nurture these, subsequently helping you overcome challenges you may be experiencing, and ultimately helping you live more of your life purpose. The four bottles’ often support a very personal exploration for the client, with a sharing between client and consultant that goes far deeper than simply reading about the bottle’s descriptions in books or on websites.

A solution treatment is carried out within the session, based on your bottle selection. This introduces you to the experience of using the Aura-Soma solutions as practical tools to help you fulfil more of your life purpose. By applying to the body and passing through the aura, the vibrational qualities of each solution brings increased balance to your own chakra energies, helping with specific life experiences and challenges.

Solutions for ongoing use are also selected to help bring lasting change in connection to the theme of the consultation. Regular use of the solutions is recommended before returning for a follow-up consultation to help support you in the next stage of your journey.

Sessions are usually between 1hour and 1hour30mins and cost £45. They take place near the centre of Cambridge. To enquire about having a consultation please contact me. For other Aura-Soma Practitioners in the UK visit