Aura-Soma Consultation

An Aura-Soma consultation immerses you into the beautiful energies of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles.

I support you to feel into each bottle that calls you the most, exploring how it is reflecting and supporting your personal journey at this time.

The exploration is unique, as the bottles bring ease to your energetic system, bringing insights from within, and colour symbolism wisdom is shared to help delve deeper.

I guide you in selecting the most beneficial bottles for you to use on a daily basis. Applying the oils within a bottle to the body continues the process of experiencing more ease and fulfillment.


My initial impression (of my Aura-Soma consultation) was of the environment – a lovely peaceful room with just the colours of the bottles which gave a huge impact. The session gave time to reflect on what was currently going on for me in my life. It was also valuable to have some focus on the future. Wendy oozes serenity and understanding..
Karen – Cambridge

Just to let you know how much I enjoyed my session of Aura-Soma with you today. Just looking at the bottles and feeling their energy is a tonic. The colours I chose, and the explanations were fascinating. They seem very “right” for me at this time, and I’m looking forward to using my chosen solution.’
Sue Homer – Cambridge

Just wanted to say thank you very much again for my terrific Aura-Soma session last week. I know Nicky was really chuffed with hers as well. Thank you. We both came away feeling more positive about ourselves and each of our lives. A very fascinating, unusual and brilliantly positive experience.’
Nicole Tomlin – Essex

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