Aura-Soma Level 1 Foundation Course

Are you ready to bring more of your soul-shaking potential into being?

Would you like to help others unleash more of their life purpose

The Aura-Soma Level 1 course gives you a powerful grounding into how to utilize this phenomenal system to change your life

Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 November 2018


Numbers are limited to just 6 lucky people – if you feel this is for you don’t hang around!

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How does it work?
Over 4 days I will introduce all you need to know to start using the Aura-Soma system to help bring big changes to your life, and others. The course is interactive and deeply insightful, with time for you to explore and experience the Aura-Soma products for yourself.

The most wonderful thing about this course is the impact of stepping out of your every day life, and immersing yourself in the transformative wisdom and energies of the Aura-Soma System for 4 whole days. Imagine the impact this will have on your life!

You will also be creating new friendships along the way with other like-minded people on the course.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering over the 4 days together (course content may change)

Be Part of the Unfolding Story

As your Journey along the Aura-Soma Training begins I’ll be sharing how the Aura-Soma system came into being. Be part of its unfolding story as it helps us to open the doors to consciousness and supports the development of the body of light that surrounds us.

  • Experience the powerful Protection, Dedication & Meditation technique to open the doorway to a greater awareness
  • Be inspired by the life story of Vicky Wall, the founder, who was clinically blind when she bought the first bottles into being
  • Explore the signifance of the name ‘Aura-Soma’ from a colour and number persepective
  • Bring more of your true colours into expression, as you discover the four bottles that call to you the most on each day of the course

Colour as Consciousness
Colour is at the heart of the Aura-Soma System. In this super important section we will be exploring and uncovering the key messages each colour carries. As each colour relates to a different aspect of our life experience we can begin to delve deeper into its potential to help restore balance to our mind, body and spirit.

  • Create a giant colour wheel, showing the relationship between the primary, secondary and tertiary colours
  • Explore each colour creatively, experiencing how each makes you feel
  • Uncover the key messages of each colour from an Aura-Soma perspective
  • Explore the complementary colours, and the special characterstics they hold
  • Uncover the significance of hidden colours, and how their silent presence impacts on the colour interpretation
  • Discover the energetic nature of the hue, pale and shade of each colour, and the insights this can bring to our bottle selection

‘You Are The Colours You Choose’Aura-Soma_ConsultationThe ability to explore your own, and other’s four bottle selection is a soul-affirming skill. The insights shared from the reflection of their colour choices has the potential to heal soul scars, and encourage their true colours to shine through. It’s time for us all to express more of our soul potential!

  • Learn the technique for staying connected to your intuition during a consultation
  • Know how to guide someone through the process of selecting their four bottles
  • Uncover the significance of the four bottle positions
  • Develop your skills for sharing the messages that the colour’s reflect for the greatest good of your client
  • Explore ways to empower the client to take responsibility for their own well being
  • Know which product from each of the 5 product sets to recommend to your client for their ongoing support

The Mirror and the MiracleLevel1_colour_equilibrium_bottlesDuring this session we focus on the Equilibrium Bottles, also known as the Mirror and the Miracle. Here we will explore how these dual-coloured bottles reflect our own truth, and can help us release our soul scars, allowing our true colours to shine forth.

  • Discover how the plant, mineral, colour and light energies are bought together within each bottle
  • Give and receive a life-line hand massage using one of the Equilibrium oils to help ease your journey through this life
  • Experience how to apply the contents of a bottle on the body, to help bring the most benefit to yourself and other
  • Explore the benefits of the Equilbirum sub-sets including the Chakra set, Rescue set and Archangel set
  • Learn how to care for your Equilibrium bottles to keep them in the optimal energetic state

Stimulating our Soul SeedsAura-Soma_ArchangeloiHere we will explore the most recent product set within the Aura-Soma range: the Archangeloi. Discover how this set of 9 sprays can be used to stimulate the seeds planted long ago in relation to the intended nature of the soul’s expression in the present life.

  • Discover how the colours attributed to each Archangeloi can help our understanding of the qualities of consciousness to which they act upon
  • Explore the Archangeloi that calls to you the most
  • Discover the specialities of each Archangeloi and how they support your individual mission and purpose
  • Learn how to apply the contents of an Archangeloi to your being
  • Experience a guided meditation with your chosen Archangeloi to increase your awareness of it’s effects

Protect, Strengthen and Cleanse!Aura-Soma_PomandersIn the same way that we brush our teeth to keep them in tip-top condition, so our aura can benefit from daily use of an Aura-Soma Pomander. I’ll show you how the 15 Pomanders can protect, strengthen and cleanse your aura, leaving you with more focus and energy to live your life purpose.

  • Discover how to apply a Pomander, sharing the harmonizing energies with the world as well as yourself
  • Give and receive a Pomander treatment using a unique and powerful patting, polishing and combing technique
  • Experience the aroma of each of the 15 Pomanders, exploring how each makes you feel
  • Find out the combination of essential oils and crystal and gem energies within each Pomander
  • Get clear on how each of the Pomanders can help you and others with day-to-day challenges, bringing greater ease to your life

Because You’re Worth It!Aura-Soma_Quintessences_MastersYou are a beautiful being with many qualities to share. In this session it is my privilege to introduce to you the 15 Aura-Soma Quintessences, here to help you accept and recognise your own inner beauty.

  • Learn how these light-filled essences can help you with meditation & contemplation
  • Discover the Master Being and Equilibrium Bottle connected with each Quintessence and what aspects of ourselves they are helping to bring into our experience
  • Begin to explore the specific ways in which the Quintessences you are most drawn to can help in your life
  • Experience the invocative qualities of your chosen Quintessence, applying it to your aura in a special sequence of movements to maximise its effects

Here’s what a few previous partcipants shared about the course:

I had a wonderful time during the Aura-Soma Foundation Course with Wendy. Wendy is a fantastic teacher, very insightful and passionate about what she does.

The experience was really good fun, unique and very energizing. I feel the course had an extremely positive impact on my life and I am definitely going to procees with the training. Aura-Soma has opened doors to a whole new world of colour and positive energy. I recommend Wendy’s courses!

Mandy H., Longfield

Thank you for opening up the beautiful world of Aura-Soma for me! I had an amazing time on the Level 1 course, enjoyed every minute of it, as I enjoyed everyone’s company.

Beatrix, Bedford


So if you feel this course is for you then don’t delay. There will be opportunity to complete the Level 2 course soon after the Level 1, taking you one step closer to becoming a Registered Aura-Soma Practitioner, and ready to make a real impact to people’s lives in the most colourful and unique way.

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The course venue in Cambridge is easily accesible for both national and international travellers. For travel details click here >>

There are also many accomodation options in walking distance, providing you with a nurturing place to stay during the course. For details click here >>

The idylic River Cam is close to the venue and the beautiful City of Cambridge is a short bus ride away.

Aura-Soma Cambridge UK


Remember, places are limited to just 6, so don’t hang around if this is for you. I hope you can be part of this special event.

To secure your place simply click through here >>