Aura-Soma Level 2 Intermediate Course

You’ve completed the Level 1 Course
And would like to take one step closer to becoming a certified Aura-Soma Practitioner

Or perhaps you are not interested in becoming a Practitioner but would like to take your inner and outer transformation to the next level

Save the date for the Intermediate Course 2018!


Thursday 17th – Sunday 20th May 2018
All 4 days must be attended

Numbers are limited to just 6 lucky people
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What’s New?
The Level 2 Course brings us into the full experience of the energies within the system, with plenty of opportunity and focus given to experiencing what the system has to offer, on all levels of being. The opportunity to share this with other like-minded souls offers a unique, and often deeply touching and transformative experience.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering over the 6 days together (course content may change)

Reach a Whole New Level

The key colour meanings introduced in Level 1 are just the tip of the iceberg…  It’s time to go deeper, expanding your understanding of colour as consciousness. This will increase your confidence and consultation effectiveness.

  • Discover the five levels of colour understanding
  • Experience the effects of individual colours on your subtle energy system using the Equilibrium Bottles
  • Expand your colour vocabulary and insight for each colour within the colour wheel
  • Uncover the personality and soul talent for each colour and their importance in relation to our Life Mission and Purposes

Cultivating Crystal ClarityThe contribution of crystals to the Aura-Soma products is extremely profound. In this largely experiential session we will be connecting with some of the key crystals used within the Aura-Soma products to help enhance clarity of reception, perception and awareness.

  • Build a crystal colour wheel using crystals that are represented in the Aura-Soma products
  • Experience the effects of different crystals on your being
  • Discover the main crystals used within the different colour fractions of the Equilibrium Bottles
  • Learn the transformative qualities of each of the main crystals used in the Aura-Soma products

Colour Your WorldThe colours that surround us subtly effect the way we respond, and much research has been done to evaluate how colour may be used to achieve desired effects in the world of advertising, politics, education etc. The time has come to fully utilize the power of colour in our environment to support and confirm our soul’s colours, gifts and talents.

  • Discover how best to bring the colours of your 1st bottle into your decor to help express your life potential
  • Discover how to encourage the expression of your greatest gifts with the use of clothes and accessories
  • Learn how selecting food based on your bottle selection can help support changes in your life
  • Learn how changing the quality of light in your environmentt can change the quality of your experience

Step Out with ConfidenceOffering an Aura-Soma consultation to another is a soul-affirming skill. If you’d like to offer Aura-Soma conultations to the public following this course, this section will give you all you need to know to share this unique experience with integrity and confidence.

  • Learn the Consultation Practices to be observed while giving an Aura-Soma Consultation
  • Discover the 10 General Practices that you must abide to when signing up as an Aura-Soma Practitioner
  • Discover 5 Business suggestions to help build your Aura-Soma business with confidence

Here’s what a few previous participants have shared about an Aura-Soma course with Wendy:

I had a wonderful time during the Aura-Soma Foundation Course with Wendy. Wendy is a fantastic teacher, very insightful and passionate about what she does.

The experience was really good fun, unique and very energizing. I feel the course had an extremely positive impact on my life and I am definitely going to procees with the training. Aura-Soma has opened doors to a whole new world of colour and positive energy. I recommend Wendy’s courses!

Mandy H., Longfield

Thank you for opening up the beautiful world of Aura-Soma for me! I had an amazing time on the Level 1 course, enjoyed every minute of it, as I enjoyed everyone’s company.

Beatrix, Bedford

Level 2 Workbook

What Will You Get?
You will be given your very own Level 2 booklet containing all the key images covered during the cost

Gain access to all the key course information in your personal members area on the website.

Refer back to everything covered on the course again and again at your own convenience


You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

The certificate is awarded by the independant certifying organisation The Aura-Soma Academy.

This will enable you to progress on to further levels of Aura-Soma training, and to apply for Aura-Soma Practitioner status on completion of the Level 3 course, with the peace of mind of being supported by the world’s leading organisation for colour education.

Level 2 Aura-Soma Certificate

Upon completing the course you will also be entitled to


So if you feel this course is for you then don’t delay. After completion of this course all that is required to register as an official Aura-Soma Practitioner is the Level 3 course, enabling you to launch a new career, ready to suppoort yourself and others in living a truly fulfilling life.

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There’ll be plenty of opportunity to celebrate your achievements during the course.

Not only will you feel uplifted by the new tools you’ll learn together…

You’ll also experience blocks you may have had for years melting away as you support each other

By the end of the course you’ll be ready to step into the next, exciting chapter of your life, one giant leap closer to fulfilling your true potential

Aura-Soma Colour Care System

The course venue in Cambridge is easily accesible for both national and international travellers. For travel details click here >>

There are also many accomodation options in walking distance, providing you with a nurturing place to stay during the course. For details click here >>

The idylic River Cam is close to the venue and the beautiful City of Cambridge is a short bus ride away. Why not enhance your trip with some rejuvenation in the english contryside, and the unique city.

Aura-Soma Cambridge UK

Remember, there are just 6 places available, so don’t hang around if this is for you. I hope you can be part of this special event.

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