Aura-Soma Pomanders

The Pomanders strengthen, protect and cleanse the aura in connection to their individual qualities. There are 15 different coloured Pomanders in all. They can be used daily, or as often as you feel is needed.

Each Pomander contains a unique blend of essential oils, herbal extracts, crystal and gem energies and natural plant colourings. All ingrediants are from organic or biodynamic sources wherever possible. Each Pomander works through sympathetic resonance, bringing balance to the part of the energy system to which its colour relates.

The Aura-Soma Pomanders

The Aura-Soma Pomanders

How to Choose Which To Use
An Aura-Soma consultation is the most recommended way to become clear as to which Pomander or Pomanders to use on a regular basis. To arrange a Consultation with me in Cambridge contact me. For other Practitioners see the England listing here > >

If you are unable to have a consultation, a Pomander can be selected based on the bottom colour of the Equilibrium Bottle you are drawn to the most. (To choose click here > >) Alternatively you can choose based on the individual descriptions of each Pomander, given in the product information at the online shop > >. The Aura-Soma Sourcebook also contains descriptions of each Pomander and is an exceptional Aura-Soma resource.

How to Use
Add three drops to the left palm (or one spray of a 2.5ml vial), rub the hands together and pass through your aura approximately 20cm from the body. Cupping your palms infront of your face, take three deeps receiving the aroma of the Pomander into the body.

25ml Pomanders last approximately 30 weeks if used once a day. The 2.5 ml Pomander Vials last approximately three weeks if used once a day. All the Pomanders are also available in an Air Conditioner form. To buy visit the online shop> >

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