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To stand in front of the various colour combinations contained within the Equilibrium Bottles and select those you feel drawn to the most, is the first step.

You can then activate the vibrational energy of the ingrediants in each Equilibrium by shaking the bottle and applying it to the skin.

Created to correspond to the seven chakra systems in your body that energy flows through, Equilibrium brings ease, balance and calm to your energetic system, while strengthening and protecting the aura, to empower you and elevate your consciousness.

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Pomanders Buy Here >

The Pomanders protect, strengthen and cleanse our energies, and act on the electromagnetic field, which is the part of the aura directly in contact with the physical body. As an Aura-Soma Practitioner I can guide you through the process of selecting the most beneficial Pomander to use.

Apply whenever you feel the need:

  • Place three drops (from 25ml bottle) or one spray (from 2.5ml vial) on the left palm
  • Rub the hands together
  • Bring the energy of the Pomander to your aura by passing your hands around the body, approximately 10cm from the body
  • Cup your palms in front of your face taking three depths

Quintessences Buy Here >

The Quintessences act primarily on the outer layers of the aura. They can help us be in touch with our intuition and are good for contemplation and meditation

Apply when there is a need to connect in to your deeper feelings and intuition:

  • Place three drops (from 25ml bottle) or one spray (from 2.5ml vial) on the left wrist
  • Rub the wrists together
  • Bring the energy of the Quintessence to your aura by passing your wrists around the body approximately 20cm from the body
  • Receive the aroma into the body, bringing your wrists up to your face and take three deep breaths

Air Conditioners Buy Here >

Each Pomander and Quintessence comes as an Air Conditioner spray, as well as a small number of Equilibrium oils. These condition the energies of a room.

  • Spray once in each corner of the room and once in the middle
  • More or less may be needed depending on the size of the room and the level of cleansing
  • The energetic effects linger longer than the aroma

Archangeloi Buy Here >

The Archangloi support us during times of change and help groups of people working towards a common aim.

  • Spray approximately 20cm above the left shoulder, head and right shoulder
  • Allow time for the energies to settle into the aura

Colour Essences Buy Here >

The Colour Essences carry the energy vibration of a colour, plant, tree and at least one crystal. They are particularly good at helping us ground.

  • Apply a few drops to the pulse points on the wrists, neck or temples
  • Alternatively add to bath water
  • Or add to mineral water in a spray bottle to use as a room or body spray

If you have any questions related to the Aura-Soma solutions simply contact me. To purchase for UK delivery simply order on the online shop > >