Creating a Personal Power Display

Happy Easter weekend! I hope you are enjoying the break in routine and the special-ness of the Easter season. Yesterday I created an Easter display, and have been so inspired by its uplifting effect that I’m sharing with you today the simple steps to create one yourself.

Taking a few mintues to do this can change your experience for the whole day. It is a powerful way to have fun and bring in inspiration for the season ahead.

Creating A Display

  1. Choose where to have your display. Clear the space, clean it and cleanse it (White Pomander Air Conditioner and St Germain Air Conditioner come highly recommended)
  2. Take a moment to connect in to yourself. Whether you connect to your breath, do a body scan, or play your favourite piece of music…. whatever helps you loosen up and be more present in your body
  3. Now start gathering items for your display. Bring together things that bring you joy – what brings a smile to your heart? This may include photos of loved ones, images that inspire, natural objects or flowers, or an object that reflects your passion.
  4. Spend a minute arranging the items in a way that feels pleasing.

And here’s my creation! Oozing Easter related Aura-Soma energies, images and feathers – It gives me goosebumps!

The Christ energy in Bottle 55 is joined by the divine feminine energies of Bottle 99. The divine feminine is rising within each of us, and is reflected beautifully in the pink and pale olive. We are being encouraged to trust our intuition and stand up for the care of the self, care of others, and care of the planet.

New Course Dates

I am pleased to announce the following Aura-Soma course dates. These newly updated courses are bringing in such light and support.

Aura-Soma Level 2 Intermediate
17-20 May 2018
Click here for details

Aura-Soma Level 1 Foundation
13-16 September 2018
Click here for details

Aura-Soma Level 2 Intermediate
28 Feb-3 March 2019
Click here for details

Here’s a photo from last month’s Level 1 course, which was a very special few days. For more photos go to the Facebook Page

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Special Christmas News

I’d like to thank you for being part of What You Really Really Want this last year. I know 2017 has had its challenges for many of us. Why not take time to congratulate yourself for making it through. Take a moment, breath in & breath out and congratulate yourself.

In coming through your challenges you may have connected to a deeper strength within yourself or formed a greater sense of community to those around you. These two aspects are particularly prevalent in the two most recent Aura-Soma products.

Aura-Soma’s Gifts to Us in 2017
The new solutions that have been bought through to us by Aura-Soma in 2017 are shown below. My wish for you is that you receive this support in whatever form is beneficial for you; whether its from the words shared, the images given or getting a bottle and applying it to your body and aura.

Pale Coral Pomander

This is great if you’re a ‘highly sensitive person’ as it can help us cope better when we feel effected by people and situations around us. A beautiful gentle aroma and energy. Find out more >>

Equilibrium 115 Orange / Red

This helps bring us back to our roots, giving us the energy to release whatever we no longer need. A powerful support for helping bring focus to what brings us bliss . Find out more >>

New Dates for 2018
Book your Aura-Soma Level 1 course now for 2018
Bookings are now open for the Aura-Soma Level 1 course in March 2018. Now a 4 day course to immerse yourself in the beautiful transformational energies of Aura-Soma and make next year your year! Find out more >>

Save the date for the Aura-Soma Level 2 course 2018
Register your interest for the Level 2 course coming in May 2017. Find out more >>

Kinesiology sessions now at Salus Wellness Clinic
Kinesiology sessions are now available from Salus Wellness clinic in Cambriddge, instead of CCHC. To book your Monday or Wednesday session just contact me.

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Which Archangel is Calling to You?

We are living in a time of great opportunity; never before have we been encouraged and offered such support for hearing and responding to our soul’s calling.

The most recent 21 Equilibrium Bottles all carry Archangel energies, providing us with a powerful and beautiful energetic support for helping dissolve our fears and conditioned patterns that may be preventing us from fully expressing our soul purpose.

Have You Tried
Discover the Archangel Bottle that is calling you the most right now! Discover the gifts and talents it is helping you to become more conscious of in this moment. And help re-member yourself by replenishing these qualities within yourself.

  1. Click through to the Archangel Bottles here >>
  2. Identify the bottle that calls to you the most
  3. Click on the bottle to reveal the Archangel qualities it is helping bring to your concsiousness
  4. For powerful Archangel energetic support apply the contents of the bottle daily to the skin in relation to the chakra colours

Enhance the Experience
Did you know that four of the Archangels come as an Air-Conditioner too? Transform the energy of your therapy room, living space or work office with these scintillating Archangel energies. Not only will this help you remain positive and uplifted, but it will also have a subtle effect on all those that come into your space too. It’s a win-win!

What’s On?
Exploring the Archangels Course
Cambridge UK
Fri 1 Sept – Sun 3 Sept
Guest teacher Dominic Yeoman
This is the first time this course has been available in the UK! Discover and experience the storyline thread hidden in the Equilibrium Archangel Sequence, which brings their roles and gifts to life. Dominic’s creative teaching styles supports each participant’s process in a gentle and often miraculous way.
To find out more click here >>

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Four Steps To Spark More Joy in your Life

Since the start of this year I have been astounded by the number of friends and clients who have been decluttering their homes, particularly with the method outlined in the book  ‘Spark Joy’ by Marie Kondo.

The essence of this method is to keep whatever items spark joy, and discard the rest. Having given the method a go, I am a complete convert! Life now feels easier, and I feel even more inspired to do more of what I love each and every day.

Have you Tried…
Here are the 4 basic steps:

  • Declutter by category (not location) in the following order: Clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous & sentimental items
  • Hold each item in turn and feel whether it sparks joy. If it does, keep it. If it doesn’t, discard it
  • Assign a ‘home’ for everything that is being kept so that each item is easily visible
  • Display ornaments/pictures/photos that you love around your home

You can get your hands on Marie’s book here – an inspiring and uplifting read and full of tips and advice on how to overcome potential pitfalls!

Enable Images so you don't miss out!

Enhance the Experience
While helping a friend declutter, she would freak out while holding each of her possessions, exclaiming ‘I don’t know whether it sparks joy!’ The Equilibrium Bottle that can help with this is Bottle 7 Yellow/Green, as well as any green or yellow Aura-Soma products. Green helps us be in touch with our true feelings, and yellow helps us sense joy and instills confidence to be true to our self; both essential for the ‘Spark Joy’ test!

For more info about the yellow and green products and to buy click through here:

Equilibrium B7 Yellow/Green, Emerald Green Pomander/Vial/Air-Conditioner, Yellow Pomander/Vial/Air-Conditioner.

Practicing and honing your skill to sense joy can change your life. Not only can it transform your home; it can also lead you to tweaking or changing career path, starting new hobbies and prioritizing certain relationships as you become more aware of what truly inspires and motivates you. Following your joy is a certain way to a truly fulfilling life.

What’s On
Early Bird Discount ends THIS SUNDAY for the Aura-Soma Level 1 course
Fri-Sun 19-21 May & 16-18 June 2017 – Cambridge UK
If you’d like to ignite new passion and inspiration in your life then this is for you! Join like-minded souls to experience how the Aura-Soma colour system can change your life and those around you.
Tell me more >>
Secure your place here >>

If you have any questions then do just get in touch. I hope all is well with you, and wish you an uplifting month ahead.

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Brand New Magenta Pomander Air Conditioner

Enough of black….  let’s fill the air and aura with the sparkling, graceful, loveable energy of Magenta!

The brand new Magenta Pomander Air Conditioner has just been released. It is inspired by spirit, and comes at a time when it is needed the most.

As we head to the end of a year that has felt extremely turbulent, maybe the Magenta Pomander comes to help us to remember, and make time for our own needs. When we feel supported and nurtured by the Magenta energy of Divine Love, then we are more able to gracefully see to the many things on our to-do lit, and express love to those who are dear to us.

Magenta Pomander Air Conditioner – Delicious Details

Fragrance: Floral, Aromatic.

Essential Oils: Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Rose.

Crystal Energies: Rose Quartz, Watermelon Tourmaline.

Chakra: 8th above the crown and the Soul Star.


  • The Love from Above, brings down the energy of our soul into or towards the physicality. The sense that above us, above the crown, is the source of love and this Pomander acts as a reminder that we can access the love from above.
  • Practically it is to put our love and attention into all that we do, not simply in the form of awareness/mindfulness but also the degree of care that can or might go into all the inanimate objects we handle.
  • Whatever we practice in the little things then that same awareness might be available in the bigger things. The use of this Pomander may help us to get in touch with our essence, our core.

To celebrate it’s release, I’m happy to offer you 15% off all 100ml Air-Conditioners, until the end of this Sunday (27th November). To order click here >>

I hope the magenta message uplifts you today.
Warm colourful wishes,

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Are you at Boiling Point – Coral/Deep Magenta to the Rescue

There is nothing more infuriating than feeling we’re being treated unfairly or not being respected, by a family member, work colleague or partner.

We can be left feeling so infuriated at the injustice of it all that we can’t think about anything else. It’s as if we’re paralysed, and helpless to do anything constructive about it.

Try This…
I’m going to share with you a 3 step process to help get you from that state of boiling point, to one of more calm and centredness; a point where you’re able to start resolving the situation in the best possible way.

This process has been inspired by the mirroring qualities and supportive energies of the most recent Equilibrium Bottle 114, Mid-tone Coral/Deep Magenta.


Step 1. Become aware that you are infuriated, and commit yourself to taking the following action.

Step 2. Now switch your attention to how you are feeling in this moment. You may feel angry, shaky, you may feel sick in your stomach, or something else…  Complete the sentence  ‘Right now I am feeling….’ Speak it out loud or write it down. Allow time for this and be totally accepting of whatever is present. Continue until it is all out there.

Step 3. Now replenish yourself. Whether that involves having a drink to rehydrate yourself, having a snack, or simply taking a few minutes to have a rest.

You will now feel less reactive and more calm, and better able to approach the other person to discuss the situation and communicate your views and feelings. Having already accepted your feelings, you will find you are more accepting of the other’s reactions. This will put you in the best possible place to find a solution to the problem. Good Luck!

Extra Support
Coral/Deep Magenta and the following related products are a powerful support for cultivating healthy relationships, so that we can create great things with those we are brought together with.

Enjoy 15% off these products for the next week.

What’s On…

Aura-Soma Level 2 Course – for Pratitioner Status
24-26 Feb & 24-26 March 2017 Cambridge
Delight in the insights you gain exploring how Aura-Soma links with other ancient wisdom systems including astrology and numerology. Experience life changing shifts as special focus is given to your own personal experience of the block-busting Aura-Soma energies.
For full details click here >>

Aura-Soma Level 1 Course
19-21 May & 16-18 June 2017 Cambridge
I know you like to plan ahead, so if 2017 is the year to experience the foundational power of the Aura-Soma Colour System to live more of your life purpose then click here >>

To book your next 1:1 Kinesiology and Aura-Soma session just reply to this e-mail. If you have any queries then do just get in touch.

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The Brand New Magenta Pomander has Landed!

If you love the Aura-Soma Pomanders as much as I do then I suggest you take a seat, as I have some BIG news for you….

As of today, there is now a Magenta Pomander! Previously the set of 15 Pomanders has included a Deep Magenta Pomander (which is just simply divine, by the way!), but no Magenta Pomander…

Well now here it is! And I can’t wait to try it…  If you would like to experience it too then pop over to the webshop here, and we’ll send it to you as soon we receive the brand new stock.

To read more about it’s delicious energy, and how it may support us in loving ourself and life more, simply click through here >>

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The creative potential within 2016

So far in 2016 the news here in the UK has been dominated by the passing of artistic souls – David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Terry Wogan. With their parting we again listen to, and watch their creative contributions. We appreciate and celebrate the risks they took to allow their unique self expression.

2016 is a universal 9 year; 2+0+1+6=9. Equilibrium Bottle 9 is Turquoise/Green, and beautifully mirrors and supports the process that such events can inititiate: We are reminded of the fleeting nature of our Earth life (a green concept), and the opportunity life gives us to look within and express our true nature in creative ways (turquoise).

Have You Tried…
Bring forth more of your unique creative power this year with these four steps:

  1. Mark in your diary a 20 minute slot to contemplate the following
  2. Ask yourself ‘What makes my heart sing?’ noting down everything that comes to mind
  3. Brain storm creative ways to express and explore these topics for your own enjoyment
  4. Write down the first action step needed in your creative adventure

If you are drawn to using Bottle 9 Turquoise/Green to enhance your creative process, apply the oil to the heart and chest area once a day. For more details on B9 click here >>

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The Gift Within 2016

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for being part of What You Really Really Want this last year. And with the arrival of 2016 the inevitable topic of New Year Resolutions seems to be on everyone’s lips…  However this year I feel the need to take a slightly different approach.

Release the Pressure
We often dive straight in to planning how we’re going to create a great year…  the perfect body, the perfect home, the perfect job…  this can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. And life does not always go to plan. In situations when the perfect life does not unfold, we can be left feeling lost, despondent and exhausted.

A More Intimate Approach
So, my wish for you this year, is that you are gentle with yourself, and kind, through the ups, and downs of your life. When something doesn’t work out, accept your failings, with softness, and compassion. Look after yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself the self care your friends know you deserve.

This process is beautifully supported by this year’s Equilibrium Bottles 20 & 16.
Enable images to see this

As we lay the foundation of self acceptance, caring, softness and warmth (pink in the base of B20), we have the possibility of maintaining a sense of calm and trust in the conscious mind (blue in the top).

This process supports the experience of the violet in Bottle 16; shining the light, with a kind face to whatever challenge presents itself, means we have a greater capacity to learn from it. And if we can learn from it, then it’s not for nothing. This helps uplift and encourage us on with greater understanding.

The Gift Within 2016
The potential for this year (20+16) is seen in Bottle 36; as we deepen the love we have within (pink in the base) we increase the possibility of sharing that love with others, so they can find the way back to their true and empowered self (violet in the top).

To discover more about how these bottles can support you click here >>

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Global Meditation Event & the arrival of B114

I’m delighted to invite you to be part of a Global Aura-Soma Meditation event this Wednesday from the comfort of your own home. Join thousands of others as we celebrate this light-filled day, with the intention of bringing more of our potential into the world.

Why this Wednesday
This Wednesday’s date is 11/11/2015. Aura-Soma is the revelation of a number system, as well as a colour system, and this date holds special significance.

11/11 is mirrored in the name Aura-Soma itself:

Image for Aura_Soma number 11_11

Equilibrium Bottle 11 Clear/Pink is a gateway, and gives a powerful opportunity to move through to greater self awareness and acceptance, with clarity and love.

The digits of this year add together to give 26 (20+1+5), which is the number of Aura-Soma:


Bottle 26 orange/orange helps us come into greater synchronicity on our path as we resolve shocks and traumas from the past, touching insight and bliss. Sales of B26 surpass any other bottle year after year.

The Coming of B114
It has been announced that on this auspicious date a new Equilibrium Bottle will be born….  I can’t believe this is so soon after the previous new bottle, and that it has been announced before it’s actual birth day, which I have never been aware have happening before.

Bottle 114 will be Mid-tone coral/Deep Magenta. All bottles with deep magenta in the base rescue the top fraction colour within ourselves. The coral energy being rescued relates to interdependence and co-operation; working for the greater good for the local and global community; networking with others to bring harmony and justice. The global meditation event will help us set this intention for the months to come.

Join the Global Meditation
On Wednesday 11th November at 11:11am GMT or 8pm EST (or anytime within the 12 hours of this time), spend 11 minutes of meditation focusing on the star within (two finger widths above the navel and two finger widths inside). Bringing our attention to the star connects us to our inner widsom, and our true colours, as reflected in the Equilibrium Bottle we are drawn to the most.

You may also like to send out the energies of justice and harmony for all, a key message of B114.

Pre-order Bottle 114
To pre-order your Equilibrium Bottle 114 click through here >>
In the mean time, use any of the Aura-Soma products carrying the coral and deep magenta energies to help connect to the incoming energies of this time, including the Coral Pomander, Deep Magenta Pomander, Sanat Kumara Quintessence and Pallas Athena Quintessence.

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