Are you at Boiling Point – Coral/Deep Magenta to the Rescue

There is nothing more infuriating than feeling we’re being treated unfairly or not being respected, by a family member, work colleague or partner.

We can be left feeling so infuriated at the injustice of it all that we can’t think about anything else. It’s as if we’re paralysed, and helpless to do anything constructive about it.

Try This…
I’m going to share with you a 3 step process to help get you from that state of boiling point, to one of more calm and centredness; a point where you’re able to start resolving the situation in the best possible way.

This process has been inspired by the mirroring qualities and supportive energies of the most recent Equilibrium Bottle 114, Mid-tone Coral/Deep Magenta.


Step 1. Become aware that you are infuriated, and commit yourself to taking the following action.

Step 2. Now switch your attention to how you are feeling in this moment. You may feel angry, shaky, you may feel sick in your stomach, or something else…  Complete the sentence  ‘Right now I am feeling….’ Speak it out loud or write it down. Allow time for this and be totally accepting of whatever is present. Continue until it is all out there.

Step 3. Now replenish yourself. Whether that involves having a drink to rehydrate yourself, having a snack, or simply taking a few minutes to have a rest.

You will now feel less reactive and more calm, and better able to approach the other person to discuss the situation and communicate your views and feelings. Having already accepted your feelings, you will find you are more accepting of the other’s reactions. This will put you in the best possible place to find a solution to the problem. Good Luck!

Extra Support
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