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Release the Emotional Stress

Did You Know … The Emotional Stress Release is a simple technique you can use on yourself and others to help release emotional stress. This involves light touch on specific points on the head that help de-stress your energy system … Continue reading

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Nourish your Nerves with Nutri-Calm

Did you know… Stress is closely related to nutrition. The fight-or-flight response increases the metabolic process, which in turn increases the need for certain minerals including: The B-Complex Minerals C Vitamins Have You Tried… Nutri-Calm, a high quality multi herbal … Continue reading

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Reduce Stress Naturally with the Thymus Tap

Did You Know Finding the olympics too exciting and stressful? Need calming down? Help release the stress, cool your nerves and regain focus with the Thymus Tap. Have You Tried With your three middle fingers tap gently on your upper … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Better Sleep & Less Stress

You’ve had a really stressful day, and all you want to do is to sleep. But when your head hits the pillow and your eyes close nothing happens… You have this strange sensation of feeling tired, but wired at the same time. It’s like your whole body is in hyper-mode, it feels overstimulated and on over drive, but tired at the same time. Sounds familiar? Continue reading

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