The creative potential within 2016

So far in 2016 the news here in the UK has been dominated by the passing of artistic souls – David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Terry Wogan. With their parting we again listen to, and watch their creative contributions. We appreciate and celebrate the risks they took to allow their unique self expression.

2016 is a universal 9 year; 2+0+1+6=9. Equilibrium Bottle 9 is Turquoise/Green, and beautifully mirrors and supports the process that such events can inititiate: We are reminded of the fleeting nature of our Earth life (a green concept), and the opportunity life gives us to look within and express our true nature in creative ways (turquoise).

Have You Tried…
Bring forth more of your unique creative power this year with these four steps:

  1. Mark in your diary a 20 minute slot to contemplate the following
  2. Ask yourself ‘What makes my heart sing?’ noting down everything that comes to mind
  3. Brain storm creative ways to express and explore these topics for your own enjoyment
  4. Write down the first action step needed in your creative adventure

If you are drawn to using Bottle 9 Turquoise/Green to enhance your creative process, apply the oil to the heart and chest area once a day. For more details on B9 click here >>

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