The Gift Within 2016

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for being part of What You Really Really Want this last year. And with the arrival of 2016 the inevitable topic of New Year Resolutions seems to be on everyone’s lips…  However this year I feel the need to take a slightly different approach.

Release the Pressure
We often dive straight in to planning how we’re going to create a great year…  the perfect body, the perfect home, the perfect job…  this can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. And life does not always go to plan. In situations when the perfect life does not unfold, we can be left feeling lost, despondent and exhausted.

A More Intimate Approach
So, my wish for you this year, is that you are gentle with yourself, and kind, through the ups, and downs of your life. When something doesn’t work out, accept your failings, with softness, and compassion. Look after yourself. Love yourself. Give yourself the self care your friends know you deserve.

This process is beautifully supported by this year’s Equilibrium Bottles 20 & 16.
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As we lay the foundation of self acceptance, caring, softness and warmth (pink in the base of B20), we have the possibility of maintaining a sense of calm and trust in the conscious mind (blue in the top).

This process supports the experience of the violet in Bottle 16; shining the light, with a kind face to whatever challenge presents itself, means we have a greater capacity to learn from it. And if we can learn from it, then it’s not for nothing. This helps uplift and encourage us on with greater understanding.

The Gift Within 2016
The potential for this year (20+16) is seen in Bottle 36; as we deepen the love we have within (pink in the base) we increase the possibility of sharing that love with others, so they can find the way back to their true and empowered self (violet in the top).

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