Global Meditation Event & the arrival of B114

I’m delighted to invite you to be part of a Global Aura-Soma Meditation event this Wednesday from the comfort of your own home. Join thousands of others as we celebrate this light-filled day, with the intention of bringing more of our potential into the world.

Why this Wednesday
This Wednesday’s date is 11/11/2015. Aura-Soma is the revelation of a number system, as well as a colour system, and this date holds special significance.

11/11 is mirrored in the name Aura-Soma itself:

Image for Aura_Soma number 11_11

Equilibrium Bottle 11 Clear/Pink is a gateway, and gives a powerful opportunity to move through to greater self awareness and acceptance, with clarity and love.

The digits of this year add together to give 26 (20+1+5), which is the number of Aura-Soma:


Bottle 26 orange/orange helps us come into greater synchronicity on our path as we resolve shocks and traumas from the past, touching insight and bliss. Sales of B26 surpass any other bottle year after year.

The Coming of B114
It has been announced that on this auspicious date a new Equilibrium Bottle will be born….  I can’t believe this is so soon after the previous new bottle, and that it has been announced before it’s actual birth day, which I have never been aware have happening before.

Bottle 114 will be Mid-tone coral/Deep Magenta. All bottles with deep magenta in the base rescue the top fraction colour within ourselves. The coral energy being rescued relates to interdependence and co-operation; working for the greater good for the local and global community; networking with others to bring harmony and justice. The global meditation event will help us set this intention for the months to come.

Join the Global Meditation
On Wednesday 11th November at 11:11am GMT or 8pm EST (or anytime within the 12 hours of this time), spend 11 minutes of meditation focusing on the star within (two finger widths above the navel and two finger widths inside). Bringing our attention to the star connects us to our inner widsom, and our true colours, as reflected in the Equilibrium Bottle we are drawn to the most.

You may also like to send out the energies of justice and harmony for all, a key message of B114.

Pre-order Bottle 114
To pre-order your Equilibrium Bottle 114 click through here >>
In the mean time, use any of the Aura-Soma products carrying the coral and deep magenta energies to help connect to the incoming energies of this time, including the Coral Pomander, Deep Magenta Pomander, Sanat Kumara Quintessence and Pallas Athena Quintessence.

2 Responses to Global Meditation Event & the arrival of B114

  1. Deborah Hewertson-Tisdall says:

    I received my bottle today. It is really beautiful. I have just become a leader with Weightwatchers. Having gone through my own journey I wanted to help others with theirs and I believe this bottle is right for me at this timebeing concerned with interpersonal relations.

    • Wendy says:

      I’m so pleaaed you love the new bottle Deborah. Thank you for sharing why you feel you have been drawn to it at this time – I’m sure it will be a wonderful support in your new leadership role. Congratulations!

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