Guardian Angel Meditation

Following a whirlwind few weeks of Olympic Fever a sense of calm seems to have settled. This brings me nicely into today’s Free Top-Tip: a meditation based on the Pale Blue and Lilac.

Did You Know
At the start of every Aura-Soma training course or workshop a ‘Blue Globe Meditation’ is carried out. This meditation can be used individually at any time, to help bring the pale blue of peace and absolute protection and the lilac of transmutation into our own experience. This energy is reflected in the Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle 44, The Guardian Angel.

Have You Tried

Blue Globe Meditation

  • Bring your attention to a tiny point of light two finger widths above the tummy button, and two finger widths inside
  • Visualize this tiny point of light shining brightly
  • With this point of light shining at the centre of your being visualize pale blue light filling the body and forming a globe around the body
  • Sense this pale blue energy bringing peace to your being
  • Visualize tiny lilac flames on the periphery of the blue globe, burning away negativity and bringing the sweetness of spirit into you space

Enhance The Experience
To enhance this experience apply the Equilibrium Bottle 44 solution around the throat and along the hairline. Daily use of the Sapphire Blue Pomander and El Morya Quintessence can also help our daily practice with the blue globe meditation. To purchase click through to the NEW Online Shop.

To experience the solutions and philosophies of Aura-Soma within a supportive group why not book up on one of the next courses. I’d love you to be one of the following events. Contact me to book.

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