Is Your Mind Holding You Back?

Did you Know…

Our minds can have an awesome effect on our body. Are you using yours to its greatest potential to help create What You Really Really Want? Having suffered from ME in the past I had a mini relapse of this debilitating illness over the weekend. However, on Sunday evening inspiration struck, and I dug out a CD about a technique I had learnt during my recovery… and oh my goodness what a difference it has made this week.

Have You Tried…
Brain Rehearsal is one aspect of this technique. Simply visualize yourself in a situation that you are not looking forward to. Imagine yourself as if you are there, fully immersed in the experience & in the most favorable state possible.

  • If you are inclined to lose confidence, imagine yourself radiating confidence.
  • If you tend to feel tired for no logical reason, imagine yourself brimming with vitality and energy.
  • If you tend to become anxious and overwhelmed imagine yourself being composed and capable.

The power of this technique to help regain my physical energy has astounded me. Give it a go and let me know how you find it. Visualization can form part of a Kinesiology treatment. To create more of what you really, really want contact me to book an appointment here > >.

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