Nourish your Nerves with Nutri-Calm

Did you know...
Stress is closely related to nutrition. The fight-or-flight response increases the metabolic process, which in turn increases the need for certain minerals including:

  • The B-Complex Minerals
  • C Vitamins

Have You Tried…
Nutri-Calm, a high quality multi herbal and nutritional supplement, provides generous amounts of these nutrients along with the herb chamomile which herbalists recommend for its ability to soothe and help maintain a healthy nervous system.

It provides nutrients for the nervous system and brain. It helps settle when life becomes too much of a challenge and helps replenish vitamins that are often depleted during times of stress.

This supplement can be easily ordered from Nature’s Sunshine Products by calling them on 08458 405060. These supplements cannot be bought from shops.  To get 20% off this supplement simply ask to be set up as a Preferred Customer under my name (Wendy Peck).

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