Olympic Fever and Bottle 69 Magenta/Clear

Olympic fever has hit the world, and to celebrate the opening day everyone in the country was encouraged to ring all the bells they could get their hands on at 8.12am for three minutes, 12 hours before the opening ceremony. All bells from Big Ben and church bells to hand bells, front door bells and bicycle bells. My sister and I were not going to be left out. As the event approached we gathered together the bells in our house. She rang the wind chime which hangs in the centre of our home, and I rang a bell which belonged to my Grandad that I use in my Aura-Soma courses when treatment sessions are coming to an end.

I was intrigued to look more closely at Aura-Soma Bottle 69, clear over magenta, as it is called ‘The Sounding Bell’. You can imagine my delight when taking a look at the website for this ‘All The Bells’ event and discovering the main colour scheme was magenta and white: http://www.allthebells.com/

The Aura-Soma Sourcebook gives a beautiful double spread of information and photos for each bottle.  One of the photos for Bottle 69 shows a monk in magenta robes ringing a large bell in a white belfry with the caption ‘Monk ringing bell to summon the others, Thailand’. This resonates with Great Britain’s use of the bells to summon the rest of the world to this great sporting event, summoning not only the world’s greatest athletes but also supporters, reporters, and all the work force required to make it happen.

Magenta represents our ability to put love, caring and attention into the small details in life.  Athletes need to strive for perfection at every moment, gymnasts perfecting every leap, twist and jump, sprinters using every ounce of energy to save split seconds of time. As Liam Tancock, 100m backstroke swimmer, commented “We’re talking about 10ths 100ths of a second between medalling not-medalling. Any little extra thing we can do then why not”.

The magenta energy also corresponds to the eighth chakra, the soul star above our head, the source of our soul’s greatest potential.  What better colour to call upon when striving to push the boundaries of human achievement.  The magenta energy can help us realise and bring into expression more of our greatest soul potential.

The clear in the base fraction brings clarity, space and light.  When combined with magenta, it provides the space and clarity needed to put the love into the little things. Psychologically athletes need to be absolutely focused on their goals.  It is well known that nowadays world class athletes not only have sports coaches but also psychologists to train them for the mental challenge, helping them hold the clarity of mind needed for Olympic success.

The clear in the base can also suggest suffering, the clear liquid being like that of our own tears.  When combined with the love and caring of the magenta, a possibility for the release of tears and relief from suffering is created.  ‘All the Bells’ heralds the coming together of the world in order to celebrate our achievements, to compete but also congratulate ourselves and other nations in their at times monumental accomplishments.  The joy, awe and wonder that the Olympics produces can provide relief from the tragic world headlines that so often dominate the news, and help all nations rejoice in humanity in a positive light.

A bell produces a sound that resonates. This sound can then produce a similar resonance in someone else, spreading the energy of that initial bell.  Watching these world class athletes is undoubtedly inspiring for sportsmen, but I am sure the resonance travels much further than that.  We can all be inspired from what we see on the Olympic stage to put our own attention, caring and love into what we are doing, to focus and strive to be the best we can be, to achieve beyond our expectations and realise our greatest soul potential.

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