Coral Pomander

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Keynote: To learn how to love and care in a new way

Essentail oils included: Clary sage, Bitter Orange, Mandarin
Crystals and gems included:

Equilibrium Association: Can be particularly supportive when we are drawn to an Equilibrium bottle containing coral.

Qualities: The coral Pomander has an awakening energy. When we have had difficulties in relationships, especially when we have not felt acknowledged and valued, coral can help us value ourselves more.Similarly, when we have experienced unrequited love, especially of the self, coral helps us love parts of us that seem most difficult to love and to feel how we then respond. It helps us learn to love and care in a new way.

The coral Pomander stimulates a spirit of cooperation and non competitiveness. It can help us accept our responsibilities with a sense of joy rather than hardship. When we accept our fears, we may move closer to synchronicity and a healing of the timeline.

The coral pomander is useful for relieving altitude sickness.

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