Royal Blue Pomander

How many ?

Keynote: Inner peace, inner seeing.

The Royal Blue Pomander, relating to the brow and the third eye, fosters the development of the higher mind functions such as clairvoyance and telepathy. It provides protection when we are receiving inspiration. The more informed the communication, the more we need protection; as increased light is generated, the dark will become more interested. Royal blue helps utopian idealists who like to build castles in the air stay grounded.

When we are deeply depressed, royal blue opens us to our imagination, by taking us out of our interior isolation. By amplifying our perception of all our senses, the royal blue Pomander can enhance our pleasure in art and music and our enjoyment of life. For those already working with sound, chanting, mantras and toning, royal blue can increase sensitivity.

When we are having difficulties in relationships, royal blue helps us relate.

Note: The royal blue Pomander has a strong peppermint content. The peppermint content can neutralize homeopathic remedies.

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