Turquoise Pomander

How many ?

The turquoise Pomander is the Aquarian Pomander, facilitating communication of New Aeon wisdom. The pomander releases creativity, encourages communication from the heart, and eases the flow of inspirational, mass-media communication from one person to many, as in radio, movies, plays, and public speaking. It can alleviate stage fright and technophobia. IT enhances communication with crystals and devas and facilitates our rapport with computers and silicon-based technology. Turquoise is supportive of all creative pursuits, such as writing, painting, and dancing.

Turquoise refers both to the process of individuation and to the unfolding of individual development that comes with the meditative process. It helps our development to be a creative one, encouraging us to be with ourselves and to disengage from unhealthy patterns and reactivity and instead become more familiar with how we are from moment to moment – to stop our pattern of replaying and re-enacting dramas and conditioning that are not of our own individual nature.

Turquoise can help when we do not know how we feel, allowing us to express wihat lies in our heart. At the same time turquoise protects us from an excessive experience of vulnerability as we express love and caring. Turquoise encourages independence and the ability to take responsibility for our feelings and actions and yet, at the same time, to creatively be in touchwith the collective archetypal world in our mental body.

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