Lady Portia Quintessence

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Colour: Pale gold

Keynote: "Judge not" including ourselves; seeing clearly brings right action

Essentail oils included: Honeysuckle, Ylang Ylang, Bitter Orange, Orange Blossom
Crystals and gems included:
Gold Calcite, Zincate

Equilibrium Association: Can be supportive when we are drawn to an Equilibrium bottle containing gold, or Equilibrium Bottle 53

Qualities: Having the discernment and discrimination to see our self, other, and specific situations in a just and balanced manner. Is a great gift. Clear seeing enables us to grow in consciousness, to know the right course of action, and to formulate accurate thoughts. Clear seeing may also bring a tendence to be self-judegemental and self-critical or an urge to criticize or judge others. When we are hard on ourselves, we invite criticism from others. We can learn to develop compassion. Being merciful woth ourselves is a measure of compassion. Even the most subtle ways in which we may judge ourselves may interfere with our development. Mercy and love with true clarity are exemplified through this Quintessence. Lady Portia can help us develop a balance of discernment (and its appropriate expression) and compassion.

This Quintessence offers the energies to support letting go and relinquishing control. It helps with rebirthing therapy and with overcoming our birth trauma. It helps us release fears. If we are not centred within ourself, Lady Portia can help us restore a sense of balance. If we find that we are working constantly without a break, Lady Portia can help us be more merciful with ourself. It encourages self-recognition. Lady Portia eliminates negative vibrations, quickly clearing the environment and bringing in light. This Quintessence also helps us express our thoughts clearly, informed by discriminative wisdom. Through gold, Lady Portia links with the central sun of our being, the solar plexus.

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