Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin Quintessence

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Keynote: Release from the past, bringing in compassion

Lao Tsu was a Master Alchemist of the past and now brings in the ability to transmute and transform energies.

Facilitates regression – particularly for clearing deep regression shock. To help bring information from past lives towards you. To help to transmute energy of past situations – alchemical transmutation. Brings understanding and appreciation for what it is that we have experienced in past times and helps us to grow in self-acceptance. After this it allows for a feeling of seep peace. Helps to receive information from earlier incarnations without having to deal too much with the shocks that may be related to them.

Helps us understand what lies behind dis-ease. Undo the problem and find the gift. It often lies within the attitude. Use the technique to change the attitude and thinking and you change the patterns of life. It works on patterns of tensions at a deep level – releasing tensions in the body-mind, assisting the functions of the energy centres. To bring peace, compassion and deep nurturing.

Helps to overcome shocks related to sexuality. Helps with the kind of shock where a teenager/child has given their best at school but the teacher will not recognise that. In this case Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin can be very helpful – same for adults in similar situations.

This quintessence brings the Healing Ray flowing in Mercy and Compassion of the Father-Mother God and releasing the oldest memories of the ancient Chinese wisdom.

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