Pallas Athena and Aeolus

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Keynote: creative expression of love and beauty

Pallas Athena and Aeolus offers the love of, and awakening to, beauty, a higher truth. This Quintessence makes heaven and earth available to all. It is helpfull for dream work, helping us in dreaming more consciously, dreaming things the way we would like them to be. Pallas Athena and Aeolus helps us remember the content of our dreams, so that we can draw inspiration from them and decode them by gaining insight into our own dream symbolism. Both in our dream life and wakefulness, Pallas Athena adm Aeolus helps reveal that which is usually hidden that we would do well to release, helping us to dream dreams, to see visions, and to create, whether through pen, paint, music or dance.

Pallas Athena and Aeolus reminds us to use our energy caringly and to practice using appropriate energy for the small things. If we do not like how our life is, if we would like to overcome old patterns, we can choose to change the way we use our energy. Then the energy –the attitude and caring- that we give to the little things in life will be there for us when we need it for the substantial moments.

Pallas Athena and Aeolus helps us connect with shamanistic traditions, particularly those carrying ancient wisdom and concerning our relationship to the Earth. Pallas Athena and Aeolus relate to the Noth American Indian traditions, to the Aboriginal song of the earth, and to the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome. Pallas Athena was chosen as the patron of Athens for the gift of the olive tree. Aeolus, ruler of the winds, offered a safe journey and helpful winds to Odysseus on his travels.

Pallas Athena and Aeolus also helps us find our right livelihood, so that we can be in harmony with our world. This Quintessence helps us in our journey toward our self, toward our own awakening. By following our true path we will come to our right livelihood, a pertinent responsibility on the path of individuation. Part of awakening, of individuating, has to do with the material side of life, understanding our material, earthly concerns. Pallas Athena and Aeolus helps us both to find what it is that we are to do, what indeed is our right livelihood, and also encourages a prosperity consciousness, or an understanding that we have what we need.

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