Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara

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Keynote: To see into the depth of things; to Bring an awareness of the divine into the everyday.

The Kumaras offer the Mother and Father principles at the highest level. They are currently responsible for the in-flowing of all the rays to the earth. They express the law “As above, so below”. In other words, all that we experience is concurrently in the divine, the angelic kingdom and the Source as well as in the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms.

As administrators of all the rays the Kumaras can help us connect with any ray. Therefore when you are unsure of which Quintessence to use, use this one. This Quintessence helps us discover what lies at the root of a particular circumstance whether emotional shock or abuse, problematic conditioning, a challenging genetic lineage, or anything else. It helps us find a positive female/male role model within us. It also helps redress imbalances with the left and right side of the body, with the left and right side of our brains, and with the Universal Mother/Father principles. At this time the Kumaras are also especially active in helping us build bridges between the spirit world and this one. As we are each a spark of divinity, the secrets of the universe are held within us. The Kumaras nurture our ability to be conscious of this spark, so that we may participate in the divine plan with increased awareness.

This Quintessence brings in a new octave to the higher level of vibrations.

How to Use
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