Reduce Stress Naturally with the Thymus Tap

Did You Know
Finding the olympics too exciting and stressful? Need calming down? Help release the stress, cool your nerves and regain focus with the Thymus Tap.

Have You Tried

  • With your three middle fingers tap gently on your upper chest while moving your hand in an anticlockwise circle. (It may be easier to think of it is tapping up towards the heart on the left side)
  • Continue for 30seconds or until you experience a yawn or sigh (these are both signs of your energy coming into balance)


Watch this video for more information

Let me know how you find it. And don’t forget to use it when you need it the most! This technique forms part of the techniques and healing tools within Health Kinesiology treatments. For individual treatment see the Kinesiology info and contact me to book.

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