Aura-Soma Continued

Aura-Soma is the world’s leading colour system for personal soul development. It provides deep support and transformation worldwide, with more than 40,000 students in over 50 countries. Inspired by spirit since 1984 it continues to support our changing needs as we evolve towards a more harmonious way of being and living.

The system presents over 100 Aura-Soma solutions, composed of natural plant colouring, essential oils, herbal extracts, crystal and gem energies. The solutions we are drawn to provide a mirror of our inner selves – our soul essence and personaliy energy. When applied directly to the skin, or passed through the aura, the solutions help bring balance to our own chakra energies, bringing us closer to the expression of our soul essence and natural personality energies.

With new solutions being added continuously it is a dynamic spiritual, mental and emotional support. The solutions form parallel understandings with other ancient wisdom traditions including numerology, the tree of life, archangels, the tarot, and many more.

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