Creating a Personal Power Display

Happy Easter weekend! I hope you are enjoying the break in routine and the special-ness of the Easter season. Yesterday I created an Easter display, and have been so inspired by its uplifting effect that I’m sharing with you today the simple steps to create one yourself.

Taking a few mintues to do this can change your experience for the whole day. It is a powerful way to have fun and bring in inspiration for the season ahead.

Creating A Display

  1. Choose where to have your display. Clear the space, clean it and cleanse it (White Pomander Air Conditioner and St Germain Air Conditioner come highly recommended)
  2. Take a moment to connect in to yourself. Whether you connect to your breath, do a body scan, or play your favourite piece of music…. whatever helps you loosen up and be more present in your body
  3. Now start gathering items for your display. Bring together things that bring you joy – what brings a smile to your heart? This may include photos of loved ones, images that inspire, natural objects or flowers, or an object that reflects your passion.
  4. Spend a minute arranging the items in a way that feels pleasing.

And here’s my creation! Oozing Easter related Aura-Soma energies, images and feathers – It gives me goosebumps!

The Christ energy in Bottle 55 is joined by the divine feminine energies of Bottle 99. The divine feminine is rising within each of us, and is reflected beautifully in the pink and pale olive. We are being encouraged to trust our intuition and stand up for the care of the self, care of others, and care of the planet.

New Course Dates

I am pleased to announce the following Aura-Soma course dates. These newly updated courses are bringing in such light and support.

Aura-Soma Level 2 Intermediate
17-20 May 2018
Click here for details

Aura-Soma Level 1 Foundation
13-16 September 2018
Click here for details

Aura-Soma Level 2 Intermediate
28 Feb-3 March 2019
Click here for details

Here’s a photo from last month’s Level 1 course, which was a very special few days. For more photos go to the Facebook Page

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