Exploring the Archangels

Exploring the Archangels
… a story of unfolding consciousness for our times

I am delighted to welcome world renowned Aura-Soma teacher Dominic Yeoman to Cambridge to teach this exceptional unique course. Dominic invites you, as follows:

1st – 3rd
September 2017
Cambridge UK

ASIACT On Going Education with Dominic Yeoman

Three days to discover the profound message hidden within Aura-Soma’s Archangel colour sequence. It is the journey of our time. Aura-Soma’s Archangel bottles have always excited a special interest. Their colourful energies offer the promise of inspiration and support from the spiritual dimension. The use of Archangeloi, meditations and placement of Equilibrium bottles within the Tree of Life through the days add a strong element of personal experiencing to this course. The course is equally a journey for your own personal growth and evolution. I have taught this course around the world but never in the UK! If you would like to learn and grow in the Archangelic energies then read on.

A revelation of meaning as a hidden story is revealed…
In December 1995 the first Aura-Soma Archangel bottle, B94, was created. What first appeared to be a simple sequence within the Aura-Soma Equilibrium range has evolved into something much bigger … a sequence which carries a story of developing consciousness coded within its colour flow. On this course discover the keys that bring the purpose of each Archangel bottle to life. From Archangel Michael’s “wake up” moment with which we are asked to realign with Spirit, a story begins. It takes us through a personal development and then leads on and into the greater flow of our collective evolution. Stories are vital. They make sense of our world. Discover the storyline thread in the Archangel sequence which brings their roles and gifts to life.

 “I really enjoyed the Archangels course here in Ireland. It was a gift. I really felt you brought Aura-soma alive for me, and gave me a sense of the expansiveness and interconnectedness of Aura-Soma.”
Sinead W – Ireland

The Tree of Life
This spiritual symbol is a vital part of this course too. I have worked with the Tree for more than twenty years and know how to reveal the simple truth hidden at its core. Once this is seen the Tree becomes a fantastic tool with which to understand life. As we place the Archangel bottles into the Tree through the 3 days a further layer of context and spiritual perspective will enrich your understanding of the Archangel energies. Exploring the Archangels is really two courses in one because as each Archangel sheds light on the Tree you will learn a great deal about the Tree of Life too in these days.

“I’m still enjoying thinking about the wonderful course and I want to thank you again. Your courses are always a perfect balance of work and fun, straightness and flexibility.”
Gabriele H. – Germany

An enriching personal experience
The third great benefit of this course – a personal opportunity. For many years i saw this course as my most healing offering to students. The abundant use of Archangeloi sprays through the course created rich meditative experiences for students. These experiences bring a dimension of personal value and understanding that makes this course food for your spiritual growth.

“Every time I participate at Dominic’s seminar I am amazed at how clear his message gets to me. This Archangel course made me feel very comfortable with all of the archangels and to understand their importance in ways I had not known before.”
Loretta M. – Switzerland

Prepare to return home nourished and inspired as you carry a deep understanding of the entire Archangel sequence following this course.  

Archangels Course Venue
This Exploring the Archangels course is being presented at Wendy Peck’s Aura-Soma centre in Cambridge. A lovely space to be and in a world famous university town which buzzes with youth and culture. Visit Wendy’s webpage to find out more about the venue and suggestions of where to stay.

What You Really Really Want Venue

 Archangels Price
Course fee is £215. This includes:

  • 6 hours teaching per day. 10am – 5.30pm
  • ASIACT certificate
  • Refreshments / Snacks
  • Use of Archangeloi, Pomanders and Quintessences during class time

Course fee does not include lunches or accommodation.

To reserve your place on this special course ..
Email me at dominicyeoman@gmail.com to let me know of your wish to attend and check if there are places still available. And then pay either the deposit or in full.

A £50 deposit will secure your place on the course.

Payment in full, £215, to be paid by 1st September.

Bank Transfer details
Account Name: Phoenix Enterprises
Account Number: 10323020
Bank Sort Code: 20-52-78

Credit card / Paypal payment available on request. Add £5 for processing fee.
International Bank Transfer details available on request

I will be delighted to welcome you on this course. I hope to share the many connections and gifts i have discovered within this subject.