Ground Yourself & Set Yourself Free

Did You Know…
The newest Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle is B117 Turquoise/Red.

This colour combination reflects an energetic theme within the collective consciousness. It brings insight into what we are being supported to bring into greater balance and expression as we move into this new decade.

As always, the most profound insights can come when we connect with the colours personally. I will share what I have felt is significant for this colour combination…

Red: The red energy is encouraging us to get grounded and empowered. It is bringing us into the power of our root chakra at the bottom of our spine. Any activity that helps bring us more fully into our body helps with this – whether it is physical movement, meditating on the body, or therapeutic work to help us feel safer.

Turquoise: With the groundedness of the red we have the courage to express more of our true selves . How can we bring more of our individual talents and true passions and values into our life? What can we do to contribute the best of our unique self to our community and world?

Enhance The Experience
To utilize the support of the Equilibrium Bottle read more about it here >>
The oil can be applied to the skin around the abdomen and between the heart and throat.

The red pomander >> and turquoise pomander >> can also be used to support this process. These are also available as 2.5ml vials >>

What’s On
29 Feb – 3 Mar 2020
Cambridge UK
A pampering, restorative and inspiring course for self-development and to learn more about the products and philosophy – Last chance for Early Birds! >>

Aura-Soma Level 2 2020
16 – 19 May 2020
Cambridge UK
Deepen your colour experience and knowledge of this system as a tool for consciousness growth

Kinesiology Sessions
I plan to offer Kinesiology Treatments again shortly. Do get in touch if you are interested.

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