How Presence Can Help During These Challenging Times

The changes to our day to day lives due to the COVID-19 lockdown  are causing increased stress for many of us. Adapting to our new restricted routines, facing the death of a loved one, or coping with financial hardship can take its toll.

Something I have found helpful during this time is the most recently made Equilibrium Bottle 117 Turquoise / Red. . Feeling into the colours, I am struck how the red carries a fiery powerful energy that when faced with uncertainty, helps us to root downwards and ground, making us feel more safe and strengthening our root chakra.

The red energy also helps us connect with one of our three centres – that of ‘being’.¬† It is when we are in a state of being that we are able to be the witness to what is happening in our other two centres – the thinking centre (blue) and feeling centre (yellow). The bottle reflects this process as the blue of thinking and yellow of feeling come together as turquoise in the top fraction, which relates to our conscious mind.

When we are the witness (red), we break our complete identification with what we are thinking and feeling. This gives us the distance needed to take away their all-consuming power over us and allow us to respond to them with a greater sense of security and awareness.

A spiritual teacher that explains this with beautiful clarity is Eckart Tolle. I highly recommend his audiobook ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth’ as well as his many free You Tube videos.

Have You Tried

  1. Visualize red energy filling your body and aura from the navel down. Become like a sponge, soaking up this red light
  2. Now see turquoise light filling your upper body and expanding outwards into your aura
  3. With your attention back in the red, become aware of yourself as presence – living red energy that puts you back into the state of being – and that of the witness
  4. Be aware of any thoughts that arise in the mind – witness them – and experience yourself as the observer of the thoughts.
  5. Now be aware of any feelings in the body – again witness them – experiencing yourself as the observer of your feelings
  6. As your connectedness to being increases, become aware of any gaps between your thoughts – you are now in the state of pure being

Support Your Experience

Visualizing colour is a powerful tool that we can use at any time we chose. To enhance the experience of the colour further you may feel drawn to using any of the following products.



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