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Kinesiology with Wendy

Kinesiology is designed to help you improve your wellbeing. If you’re looking for natural and holistic based advice and treatment to go alongside conventional medicine then this is a great therapy to have. A typical session with Wendy combines the Contact Reflex Analysis approach with Health Kinesiology.

Wendy Peck KinesisologyEach session begins with you talking through your concerns. There are many different treatment options at hand including nutrition supplementation, lifestyle advise, and energy balancing techniques.  The western technique of muscle testing is used to select the best treatment for you. I carry out the muscle testing by touching your arm and assessing through my own muscle response which treatment options will help increase your overall wellbeing the most.

Part of the session may involve energy balancing treatments while lying on a therapy couch. At the end of the session you will be given an individual wellbeing plan, detailing all recommendations which may include daily nutrition supplementation, use of Aura-Soma products, and lifestyle enhancements. Details of a follow-up session are given at the end of each session depending on your needs.

Where, When and Cost

Kinesiology sessions are given in a luxury treatment space in the Cambridge UK (CB5).

They are available on Wednesdays and usually last between 1 hour and 1 hour 15mins.

Sessions are £60.


‘Many thanks for your work and support over the last few months. You’ve no idea what a joy it is for me to be working eagerly and productiviely on my PhD again! All the best and thanks again.’  Shelia, Cambridge

‘Wendy has a beautiful, peaceful manner which is in itself very healing. She is clearly highly committed to giving each client the best possible service. The actions suggested by my inner wisdom were spot on – thankyou Wendy for being able to access that. It takes courage to choose an unconventional healing medium and Wendy has clearly done so out of her desire to help others.’
Corrina Gordon –

‘I have seen alot of practitioners and I must say only Wendy has been able to get to the core of my issues. I am eating better and sleeping better as a result of the treatment. Kinesiology can access the information to heal oneself and Wendy knows how to interprete the messages. She’s just fantastic at what she does – Thank you Wendy for everything.’
Linda M – Cambridge

‘Kinesiology with Wendy has helped keep my sane through some difficult times. It has helped keep my emotions balanced, and I’ve also noticed an increase in my energy levels. I highly recommend this treatment.
Megan Mckay, Cambridge

I’m so glad to have found you, Wendy. Just to say a heart felt thank you for my kinesiology healing today. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences with such an understanding person. I look forward to working with what I have learned from the session. Thank you for your generosity.
Stephanie Gould – Cambridge

I’ve had a wonderful experience of Kinesiology with you, Wendy! Your treatment has helped my depression ease and go away, and I feel stronger and more able to cope with the challenges in my life. Thank you for your time, and for being so kind and compassionate.’
Joy – Cambridge

I booked a kinesiology session purely by chance. I had heard of it briefly before, but only in passing. With this random chance I found my answer! After the first session I stopped smoking. This amazed me so much that I believed the treatment was worth pursuing. I believe this was the start of my journey to start healing myself. I will continue to use kinesiology and Wendy specifically throughout.’
Rebecca Bramwell – Cambridge

Wendy treated me for an asthmatic cough I’d had for three weeks, which I believe was caused by dust mites. The results were instant and all symptoms disappeared after 3 days following the session. In addition I have felt happier and more stable and able to express myself generally more freely. The session with Wendy treated my whole self not just the symptoms and so I have felt stronger and happier in every aspect of my life.’
Nancy Checchia – Cambridge

I found the sessions very insightful and uncanningly accurate, revealing to me my ‘inner world’ in very tangible ways. One thing I love about health kinesiology is the practical result after each session; being given tools to change is always a great thing. I found Wendy to be a very gentle, relaxed and fun practitoner.’
Nicky Smith – Cambridge

‘Wendy has a calm, gentle, friendly, and professional manner, and the kinesiology healing methods she is able to select and apply are a delight, carefully chosen with great subtlety to fit the individual. The treatment has been a powerful but kind, even playful, way to help me move forward.’
LF – Cambridge

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