Speaking Out, Healing Childhood Wounds

The new Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle 118 (pale coral / lilac) is called Echo. In Greek mythology, Echo is a nymph, who was cursed, causing her to only be able to repeat what the last person had said to her.

This symbolises a phenomenon called mirroring, when we agree with someone else’s opinions and truth even though they do not match our own. This can be as a result of a lack of self esteem and confidence, and out of fear of upsetting the other person.

Equilibrium Bottle 118 is encouraging us to bring the pale coral aspect of our self into greater positive expression. Can we love ourselves enough (pale coral) to start speaking our truth? If the answer is yes, we begin the transformation (lilac) away from co-dependant interactions towards healthier interdependent relationships.

The root cause of our inability to speak up and stand out often lies in our childhood. Echo carries the colours and therefore similar energy to Equilibrium Bottle 98, which reflects a deeper integration of Bottle 20 Star Child and is therefore reflective of healing our childhood conditioning.

During our early years, our care-givers may have instilled in us the premise that we should be ‘seen and not heard’. Our views and needs may have been disregarded. As a result, our self confidence to speak up was eroded, and now as an adult we still carry this inner wound which prevents us from expressing our self fully.

Becoming aware of this conditioned pattern gives us the opportunity to respond in a different way. What can we do to build our sense of self-worth? Are we choosing to be in relationship with people who respect our views? Working on this can bring immeasurable rewards, as we grow in confidence and express more of our self in the world.

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