Special Christmas News

I’d like to thank you for being part of What You Really Really Want this last year. I know 2017 has had its challenges for many of us. Why not take time to congratulate yourself for making it through. Take a moment, breath in & breath out and congratulate yourself.

In coming through your challenges you may have connected to a deeper strength within yourself or formed a greater sense of community to those around you. These two aspects are particularly prevalent in the two most recent Aura-Soma products.

Aura-Soma’s Gifts to Us in 2017
The new solutions that have been bought through to us by Aura-Soma in 2017 are shown below. My wish for you is that you receive this support in whatever form is beneficial for you; whether its from the words shared, the images given or getting a bottle and applying it to your body and aura.

Pale Coral Pomander

This is great if you’re a ‘highly sensitive person’ as it can help us cope better when we feel effected by people and situations around us. A beautiful gentle aroma and energy. Find out more >>

Equilibrium 115 Orange / Red

This helps bring us back to our roots, giving us the energy to release whatever we no longer need. A powerful support for helping bring focus to what brings us bliss . Find out more >>

New Dates for 2018
Book your Aura-Soma Level 1 course now for 2018
Bookings are now open for the Aura-Soma Level 1 course in March 2018. Now a 4 day course to immerse yourself in the beautiful transformational energies of Aura-Soma and make next year your year! Find out more >>

Save the date for the Aura-Soma Level 2 course 2018
Register your interest for the Level 2 course coming in May 2017. Find out more >>

Kinesiology sessions now at Salus Wellness Clinic
Kinesiology sessions are now available from Salus Wellness clinic in Cambriddge, instead of CCHC. To book your Monday or Wednesday session just contact me.

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