The Wisdom to Love Ourselves Through Grief

Images and information about a new Equilibrium Bottle have been released by Aura-Soma Products; it is Equilibrium Bottle 118 and is pale coral / lilac. While we wait for the new bottle to be delivered, I and many others have been connecting to the Equilibrium Bottle already present in the set which has the same colours as the brand new bottle, but the other way up. This is Bottle 98 Archangel Sandalphon which is lilac / pale coral.

The lilac in the top fraction of this bottle I feel is reflecting a significant wave of grief moving through the collective. Lockdown is forcing many of us to let go of the way we used to live. We can’t see our family face to face, go out to social events, or take trips away, for example.  Lilac can help us acknowledge and express the emotions that arise from this.  Within the grieving process we may feel sadness, anger and loneliness. And finally comes acceptance.

The pale coral in the base fraction of the bottle brings into focus our soul qualities of vulnerability and gentleness. It is such a beautiful colour to help support us through the grieving of the lilac. It reminds us to acknowledge our own need for self-care as we navigate the emotional waves.

With the falling away of many of our day to day activities, comes space for something new. The pale coral resembles a mixing of pink and gold – symbolising love and wisdom, and the wisdom to love ourselves. How do we want to spend our new-found time in a way that reflects that honouring of ourself, and our deepest needs?

A major part of my own self-care routine prior to lockdown was regular visits to a health club. I used to spend time in the swimming pool and spa pool, as being in water is extremely healing for me. The closing of the health club has spurred me on to get a hottub in my garden. I now have that deep nurturing experience in my own home. I can use it at any time of day, for as short or as long a time as I want, and don’t need to spend time and money on travel.

It feels likely that as the virus restrictions continue, we will continue to adapt to living closer to home. Although this change will bring upheaval and challenges, it feels that ultimately a better way of living will prevail, both for ourselves and the planet.

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